LIFTER - Green Army (Men)

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Training is not enough when you can challenge limits. Therefore, we do our best to make the most of our products. The Foost Lifer is the Foost sneaker for the Olympic weightlifting practice. The design of this sneaker combines the most advanced construction techniques with the detailed study of functionality, paired with the design that conveys elegance and, at the same time, refers to the first 70s weightlifting shoes (old-school wooden soles).



  • Technically designed to provide maximum performance.
  • Made of leather and synthetic material , which provides better perspiration.
  • A wooden sole in which all energy (weight) placed on the heels is returned to the movement.
  • 27,0mm effective heel drop (highest in the market), providing better stability especially for those who have low mobility.
  • C-Frame - TPU component for extra stability. Carefully designed to prevent kicking of the knees inward during the movement (Clean / Snatch). Greater stability especially for those with foot pronation. Flat rubber sole with high adhesion.

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