In a world where just a few persist, I allow myself to dream. The bigger the dream, the bigger the fight. And I know about fighting. I face it. I do not run away. What does not kill me, makes me stronger. I always want more. I believe in the power of overcoming. It does not matter if they tell me otherwise, I believe in myself.

I am inspirational and perspiring. I am fierce, ambitious, bold and focused. I'm crazy. Crazy about sports, crazy about competing. I am a team, but also oneself. I am loyal, brave and ethical. I'm persevering. I am empowered and empowering. I am a brand and I am a family. I'm a friend and I'm a partner. I am in love. I'm determined. I am furious and I am calm. I am peace and fatigue. I am the strength and the power . I am the resistance. I’m the sweat. I'm the motivation. I am your will to win. I am you.

I know you can not stop for anything, not for a minute, and so I'll help you to go even further. I will cheer you up, push you forward, be your feet and your arms. I will be your ally during your path of overcoming each day. We were born for this: to overcome.

No matter where you want to go, I'll always be by your side, ready to keep you standing, stand up from the falls and applaud your success. I'm Foost.

I am you.



We believe in the power within, the ability to overcome, so that we have developed products to maxmize your performance. However, our products will not do any magic, the effort will depend on you. But you can assured that we will be together along this hard journey to the victory. The victory is yet to be achieved, but we are up to fight.



To empower everyone who is longing to exceed your physical capacity, bringing performance and inspiration.



We are a footwear, apparel and accessory brand dedicated to those who practice highly intense physical activities, for those who have the determination, grit and perseverance to keep on the hard path to overcoming themselves every day.



We have a strong personality. We are fierce, ambitious, bold and mentally focused on what we want. We have passion and determination for what we do. We are competitive by nature, but we know how to be a partner when the situation demands it. We act with loyalty and ethics. We never run away from the fight. We are discreet and competent, but we do not brag about our achievements, we only prove our capacity and make clear that we can. We have the perseverance of looking for what we want and what has been given to us as a mission. What does not kill us, makes us stronger.